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Country:Papua New Guinea

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Evaluation of Risks of Tuberculosis in Western Province Papua New Guinea


An independent risk assessment of TB spreading in Western Province, PNG


This report was tabled at the Health Issues Committee (HIC) 2012 which ran from 30-31 October.  AusAID and PNG jointly commit to responding to its recommendations within 30 days and present the response at a roundtable of stakeholders in Brisbane on 29 November or 3 December 2012.

The recommendations include:

  • practical short-term steps
  • focusing on improved communications
  • isolation measures
  • support for Daru Hospital staff safety
  • expanded outreach including through greater use of sea ambulance.

Long term measures proposed include:

  • enhancing Mabaduan Health Centre (which we will upgrade and support expanded staffing under the Fly Health Development Program)
  • improved communications between Mabaduan and Daru Hospital
  • better education for Torres Strait Islanders about TB/transmission/risks
  • referral of PNG nationals presenting in Saibai and Boigu to the Western Province TB Coordinators at Daru Hospital and Mabaduan.

Evaluation of Risks of Tuberculosis in Western Province Papua New Guinea [PDF 1.2mb]
Evaluation of Risks of Tuberculosis in Western Province Papua New Guinea [Word 851kb]

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Joint AusAID–Government of PNG Response to the recommendations of Evaluation of Risks of Tuberculosis in Western Province, PNG


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Last reviewed: 4 December, 2012