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About the Australian Civilian Corps

Australian Civilian Corps helps build legal muscle to fight Indian Ocean piracy  

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2013/14 estimated outcome

$7.7 million

2014/15 budget estimate

$7.9 million


New development policy

Australia’s development priorities are set out in a new development policy for the aid program and a new performance framework to improve aid program performance, value for money and results.

More about the development policy

The Australian Civilian Corps (ACC) was formed in 2011 to bridge the gap between emergency relief and long term recovery programs, and to enhance the quality of Australia’s response to situations of disaster and conflict. Since its establishment, the ACC has undertaken 98 deployments in over 15 countries, the majority in Asia and the Pacific.

The ACC register is comprised of over 500 experienced civilian specialists with expertise in fields including aid coordination, disaster risk reduction, electoral assistance, health administration, engineering, and law and justice.

Consistent with the government’s new development policy, the Minister for Foreign Affairs has approved a new ACC mandate: ‘to provide Australian specialists, primarily to help our neighbours in the Indo-Pacific region, to prevent, prepare for stabilise and recover from disasters and conflict’. This allows the ACC to help build resilience of countries at risk of or emerging from conflict or disaster.

The budget for the 2014–15 financial year will allow the government to deploy ACC experts for up to 20–22 person years (for example, for 40 six-month deployments).

ACC specialists

ACC specialists deploy as Australian Government officials under the Australian Civilian Corps Act 2011. All specialists are trained and prepared in advance of deployment, and are typically deployed for between three to twelve months.

As the ACC register has reached its initial target of 500 members, recruitment is currently on hold. An assessment of the ACC’s future requirements for expertise is underway, and this advice will be updated once the assessment is complete.

More information on the fields of expertise for ACC specialists

For those interested in further information on deployment roles, see the descriptions of:


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The ACC has undertaken 98 deployments in over 15 countries since its establishment in 2011, totalling more than 470 months of assistance.

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Last reviewed: 18 June, 2014