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Australia Awards


Australia Awards Scholarships are an important part of Australia's education assistance to Indonesia. Many scholarship alumni have gone on to hold positions of influence, contributing to strong people-to-people links between Indonesia and Australia. High profile alumni include Vice-President Boediono, and the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Dr Marty Natalegawa.

The Australia Awards are the largest and longest running international scholarship program in Indonesia. Australia Awards Scholarships will offer over 400 postgraduate awards in 2012 to Indonesian students to study in Australia, preceded by pre-departure English language training in Indonesia. The Australia Awards Scholarships program is valued highly by the Government of Indonesia. The awards are allocated through a highly competitive, merit-based process agreed between the Governments of Australia and Indonesia. The 2011–12 Federal Budget included measures to significantly increase the number of Australia Awards Scholarships provided each year in Indonesia from 350 to around 500 by 2014.

The Australian Awards Fellowships are part of a regional program that aims to develop leadership and build partnerships and linkages with developing countries. The program offers Australian organisations opportunities to provide short term study, research and professional development activities in Australia to mid-career professionals and senior officials from eligible countries. Australia Awards Fellowships are available across a broad range of fields relevant to Australia's foreign policy agenda or development outcomes.


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Profile: Antoni Tsaputra

Antoni Tsaputra
Australian Development Scholarship recipient Antoni Tsaputra spoke at the Australian launch of the World Report on Disability at Parliament House. Photo: Australian Disability and Development Consortium.

Since graduating from Padang's Andalas University in 2000, with a double major in English literature, Antoni continued on campus as a lecturer. He also started his own translation business and opened a small English language school. Following the devastating 2009 Padang earthquake, he converted his garage into a makeshift school for local children whose school had collapsed.

Antoni successfully applied for an Australian Development Scholarship. He completed a masters degree in journalism and mass communication at Griffith University in 2011 and received a Griffith Award for Academic Excellence as a tribute to his academic achievement.

Antoni was born unable to move from his legs down. Before Antoni arrived in Australia, he only knew a little about disability issues. Through his study, he has been exposed to new perspectives and insights which he hopes to share across Indonesia and improve the situation for people with a disability.

Antoni was also the first scholarship recipient to be awarded additional funding through a specialised 'Carer's Package'. Without this extra support, Antoni would not have been able to take up the scholarship. It covered the costs of full-time care by his father.


Profile: Dr Ahmad Agus Setiawan

Dr Ahmad Agus Setiawan

Dr Ahmad Agus Setiawan

Dr Ahmad Agus was awarded an Australian Development Scholarship in 2004 and completed a PhD at Curtin University in 2009 in Electrical Engineering specialising in Renewable Energy Systems. Since returning to Indonesia, his work at Universitas Gadjah Mada has been on the national project for Energy Self-sufficient Villages in Indonesia.

In November 2011, the International Energy Globe Jury in Austria awarded Dr Ahmad Agus and his students the National Energy Globe Award for the country Indonesia for their project Development of Sustainable Power and Water Supply for Remote Areas and Disaster Response and Reconstruction in Indonesia.


Profile: Najwa Shihab

Najwa Shihab
Najwa Shihab

Indonesian journalist Najwa Shihab's weekly television program is called Mata Najwa or Through Najwa's Eyes.

Her eyes have seen much. Najwa was the first journalist in Aceh a day after the devastating tsunami of 2004. Najwa says she will never forget the destruction and grief she witnessed there.

She was later recognised for her sensitive, moving reports from the scene, which gave voice to many of the tsunami's victims, and inspired others to go to the province and help.

In 2005 the Indonesian Journalists' Association acknowledged her reporting as 'one of the contributing factors that helped the drive for national and international support for Aceh.'

Najwa is much decorated for her professional achievements. She is one of Indonesia's more prominent Australia Award Scholarship recipients, receiving an Australian Leadership Award and Allison Sudradjat Award to do her Masters of Law at the University of Melbourne in 2009.

She was the recipient of the Australian Alumni Award for Journalism and Media 2010, and was named a Young Global leader 2011 by the World Economic Forum.

The Australia Award Scholarships enabled Najwa to marry her two great loves, the law and journalism. 'I was able to really devote time and energy to my studies, and have been able to use some of that knowledge in my role here at home.'

The Australian Leadership Award is aimed at enabling recipients to develop their professional expertise and leadership, and build regional networks. As anchor of Mata Najwa and deputy chief editor at Metro TV she has interviewed Indonesia's most prominent political leaders, and international figures such as Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and Malaysian former deputy Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim.

'I really encourage Indonesians to apply for the Australia Award Scholarships. They are an opportunity to broaden your horizons, make valuable contacts and really refine your skills,' Najwa says.                        


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Last reviewed: 1 November, 2013