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Improving the quality of governance in the Philippines is fundamental to the country’s development prospects. The Philippine Government has embarked on a governance reform agenda, giving priority to transparency and accountability through more open government, better public financial management and anti-corruption efforts.

Australia will work with the Philippine Government to implement the Philippine Public Financial Management Reform Roadmap in support of practical budget and expenditure management reforms.

Targeted investments through scholarships will support efforts to modernise and strengthen government institutions to enable more effective service delivery. Australia will support multi-sectoral coalitions to strengthen civil society capacity to engage government in constructive partnerships for reform.

All our initiatives are assessed for their sensitivity and responsiveness to gender equality issues, and we report annually to the Philippine Government against their gender and development guidelines. An increasingly important priority is to ensure that our program takes account of the needs and issues affecting persons with disabilities.


heading fold Priorities

  • More transparent, efficient and effective public financial management.
  • Improved civil society capacity to engage government in constructive partnerships for reform.
  • Improved government capacity to pursue organisational and institutional change, and to partner with civil society, to improve the accountability and transparency of government operations.
  • Solicited, public-private partnerships to fund priority infrastructure projects through open, competitive bidding.
  • Incorporating gender equitable and disability inclusive development approaches in our programming.

Development priority: Governance

Initiative Partners Australian Aid funding
Total project funding and duration Initiative description  
Philippines Australia Human Resource & Organisational Development Facility Philippine Government $5 million To enhance the effectiveness of selected programs and reform agendas by providing a range of organisations each year with human resource, capacity and organisation development support. Budget includes in-Australia scholarship costs. More
The Asia Foundation Partnership Philippines The Asia Foundation, Philippine Government $4 million $13.6 million
To support civil society in the Philippines and facilitate the collaboration among Philippine government, civil society and private sector in order to strengthen and accelerate public policy making and implementation processes in the Philippines. More
Philippines–Australia Public Financial Management Program (PFMP) Philippine Government $6 million $30 million
To assist the Philippines Government implement its roadmap for public financial management reform to improve the efficiency, accountability and transparency of public fund use in the Philippines and enable better service delivery. More
The Australia – World Bank Philippines Development Trust Fund World Bank $3 million $50 million
The Australia – World Bank Philippines Development Trust Fund supports a range of programs that contribute to long-term inclusive growth and more effective governance in the Philippines. The UTF underpins the Australian Aid – World Bank partnership in the Philippines. More

Last reviewed: 1 November, 2013