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Australia Awards


More than 3,000 Vietnamese have completed university study in Australia under scholarships through the aid program since 1977. These leaders are actively influencing change in policy, business and academia and further reforms in Vietnam.

Australia provides long and short term study and professional development opportunities to individuals in Vietnam.

Long term awards include Australia Awards Scholarships and the Australia Awards Leadership Program for high achieving applicants. Australia Awards Scholarships aim to improve the quality of human resources in Vietnam through long term study in Australia. These scholarships equip leaders with skills and knowledge to personally drive change and influence development outcomes in Vietnam. They also strengthen public institutions and promote linkages between Australia and Vietnam.

Since 2011, the Vietnam program has consolidated the Australia Awards Scholarships and Australia Awards Leadership Program into a single application and selection process. The Australia Awards Leadership Program is now supplementary to the Australia Awards Scholarships and provides outstanding candidates with additional leadership training, development discussions and the chance to build valuable networks.

Short term awards include Australia Awards Fellowships and short courses. The Australia Awards Fellowships aim to develop current and aspiring leaders working in priority areas to increase institutional capacity of partner countries and to advance key regional policy objectives. The Fellowships provide short term opportunities for study, research and professional attachment programs in Australia.


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Total development awards, 2009-2014

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Total development awards by gender, 2007-2012

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Profile: Phan Que Mai

Phan Que Mai

Communication Expert, Writer & NGO Founder
Location: Hanoi
Alumni: 1996
Degree: Bachelor in Business Administration, Monash University


For Que it has been quite a journey from her early years in Ninh Binh to growing up in Bac Lieu to topping her class at Monash University in Melbourne. And this was just the beginning. After completing further study at Deakin University, Que returned to Vietnam to use her Australian-learned skills and unleash her passion to express herself and help her country. In her professional life, she provides communication and gender advice to international development organisations like the UN. In addition, she has founded an NGO for children with cancer and has received many awards for her leadership, writing and films including the Poetry of the Year Award (Hanoi Writers Association) for her book ‘Freeing Myself’ (Cởi Gió, 2010) and the 2008 Australian Alumni Award for Sustainable Development.

'Despite the success of my professional and writing career, I am most proud of the Making Dreams Come True volunteer organisation. We now have more than 100 active volunteers, helping more than 3000 Vietnamese children suffering from cancer. The Australian Development Scholarship has opened the door of opportunities for me, and now it is my turn to do something for others', Mai said.


Profile: Dr Can Van Luc

Dr Can Van Luc

Senior Advisor and Senior Vice President, Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam
Location: Hanoi
Alumni: 2007
Degree: PhD in Business Administration (major in Finance)

Dr Luc has truly had an outstanding career in financial services management. Having been the only Vietnamese to have received the prestigious Australia-Asia Award for his doctoral program in Monash in 2003, he then obtained a Fulbright scholarship and was a Harvard Senior Fellow. Dr. Luc is a university lecturer, a prolific contributor to international finance journals, a speaker at various conferences and TV commentary programs, and currently holds a very senior management position in the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam, one of Vietnam’s most important banks. He was also a past Chairman of the Vietnamese Graduates of Australia Club.

'The academic knowledge, the research skills and teaching experience obtained during my almost 6 years in Australia have enabled me to accomplish my current different roles as a senior banker, a researcher and lecturer in a professional and confident manner', Luc said.


Last reviewed: 1 November, 2013