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Climate change assistance


Farmer planting mangroves

Australia is funding the rehabilitating of mangrove to minimize the impact of typhoon storm surge damage on communities in the Mekong Delta.

Photo: Michael Wightman

Vietnam is one of the most vulnerable countries to the impacts of climate change. Its long coastline (3,200 km) and large deltas make it particularly susceptible to more intense and frequent natural disasters, rising sea levels, coastal erosion, and salt water intrusion. Vietnam loses around 2 per cent of GDP per year as a result of weather-related disasters. In 2013, Vietnam faced an unusually high number of natural disasters, including 15 intense typhoons causing 277 deaths/missing and 855 injuries and economic losses estimated at 28,000 billion VND, approximately double the rate recorded for 2012. Such events are projected to get worse with the impacts of climate change. Vietnam is already experiencing wetter wet seasons; dryer dry seasons; higher intensity rainfall, flash flooding and increased frequency of tropical cyclones. Sea levels have risen 20cm, and if they rise by just one metre, more than 11 per cent of Vietnam’s coastal population (around 4 million people) could be displaced.

Australia is focused on reducing future human, economic and environmental losses associated with climate change and natural disasters. We are working with communities in the Mekong Delta to adapt to the impacts of climate change to protect food security and livelihoods. We are also working with the Vietnam Government on low-carbon growth options including improved energy efficiency.

We are building on our experience in disaster risk reduction and rural development to develop a new portfolio of initiatives that help Vietnam deal with the challenges of climate change.

See the Australia–Vietnam Climate Change Delivery Strategy 2011–2016

heading foldPriorities

  • Building community resilience: working at community level (with NGOs and local government) to strengthen communities’ ability to respond and adapt to climate change, including climate-related disasters.
  • Enabling adaptation planning: by assisting government at the national and provincial levels to understand the impacts of climate change.
  • Supporting low carbon growth: by working with government to identify low-carbon approaches to development such as energy efficiency and clean technology promotion.

Partnership Priority 5: Climate change assistance

Initiative Partners Australian Aid funding
Total initiative funding and duration Program description
Climate Change and Coastal Ecosystems Program Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)
Government of Vietnam—Ministry of Agriculture and Development
$5.4 million $18 million
Support to five provinces to develop practical solutions to protect coastal ecosystems and adapt to the impacts of climate change. More
Vietnam Climate Change Action Grants Australian Red Cross Society
CARE Australia
Environmental Defense Fund
Oxfam Australia
Save the Children Australia
SNV Netherlands Development Organisation
$7.8 million $15 million
NGO partnerships to help vulnerable communities in Vietnam manage the impacts of climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. More
CSIRO Vietnam Climate Change Projections CSIRO
Institute of Meteorology, Hydrology, and Environment (IMHEN) within Vietnam’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment
Hanoi University of Science
$1 million $2 million
A partnership between Australian and Vietnamese climate scientists to better understand and plan for the impacts of climate change. More
Vietnam Energy Efficiency Standards and Labelling Program Department of Industry, Innovation, Climate Change, Science, Research and Tertiary Education $1.77 million $2.5 million
A partnership between Australian and Vietnamese Ministries to develop and implement Vietnam’s energy efficiency standards and labelling program to reduce the country’s carbon emissions and increase energy security. More
Energy Distribution Efficiency Project World Bank $2.5 million $7.6 million
Australia is contributing to the World Bank’s Distribution Efficiency Project to help build the capacity of Vietnam’s power corporations and regulatory authority in providing quality and reliable electricity services, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through improved energy efficiency. More
Support Program to Respond to Climate Change JICA
Word Bank
Korea Eximbank
N/A $24 million
Australia is contributing to a multi-donor partnership that supports the Government of Vietnam (GoV) in its institutional and policy development for an effective climate change response. More

Last reviewed: 5 March, 2014