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My Thuan Bridge

The successful completion of the My Thuan Bridge in 2001 remains a major symbol of the cooperation between the Governments of Vietnam and Australia in furthering Vietnam's development.

Photo: Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Vietnam’s rapid economic growth has resulted in serious transport bottlenecks and infrastructure investment needs beyond the government’s own resources. In addition, many Vietnamese still live in remote and rural areas with little access to services and markets. The World Economic Forum’s 2010 Global Enabling Trade Report rated Vietnam 103 out of 125 countries for availability and quality of transport infrastructure. Better infrastructure is needed for Vietnam to reduce poverty and reach its ambition of becoming an industrialised country by 2020.

Australia is working with Vietnam to build new and better infrastructure with a particular focus on the Mekong Delta. The Mekong Delta is the fastest growing region in Vietnam. It is a major source of food production and industrial output. But there are critical supply-side constraints to linking producers and consumers. Our infrastructure investments are opening up opportunities for trade within the Mekong and with the rest of the world and connecting people to essential services such as hospitals and schools.


heading foldPriorities

  • Connecting farmers to markets by fixing and maintaining rural roads and waterways and building major infrastructure corridors including bridges and highways.
  • Helping Vietnam improve the way it builds, manages and finances infrastructure.
  • Ensuring HIV/AIDS and trafficking risks are minimised, road safety is improved and that new infrastructure are disaster proof.

Infrastructure sector initiatives

Initiative Partners Australian Aid funding
Total initiative funding and duration Program description
Cao Lanh Bridge Asian Development Bank
Government of Vietnam
$1.7 million $160 million
Design, supervision and construction of the Cao Lanh Bridge across the Mekong River to facilitate trade and economic growth in the region. More
Mekong Transport Infrastructure Development Project World Bank
Government of Vietnam
N/A $48 million
Construction and upgrade of rural roads, bridges and waterways to increase access to markets and services for the rural poor in the Mekong Delta. More
Southern Coastal Corridor Asian Development Bank
Government of Vietnam
$12 million $45.12 million
Construction and upgrade of roads and border crossings to complete the Southern Coastal Corridor between Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. More
Vietnam Rural Energy Distribution World Bank N/A $3.5 million
Support to World Bank led rural energy program with a focus on building the capacity of power companies to efficiently deliver power services. More

Last reviewed: 1 November, 2013