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Vanuatu–Australia Partnership for Development

Australia’s development assistance program in Vanuatu is guided by the Vanuatu–Australia Partnership for Development. It supports the Vanuatu Government’s Priorities and Action Agenda 2006–2015.

The initial priority areas of the Partnership are education, infrastructure, economic governance and health, and there is a need to actively engage on policy dialogue in the law and justice sector. In addressing priority outcomes, Vanuatu and Australia agree that the partnership should:

  • support increased access and quality of education for boys and girls and equip them with relevant skills and knowledge
  • strengthen health services and accelerate progress towards health MDGs
  • develop essential infrastructure to support economic growth and service delivery
  • progress reform on economic governance
  • address equality of opportunity for all men and women and include the needs and priorities of people with disability in development activities.

Australia works closely with government, civil society and the private sector to support development in Vanuatu. Building demand for better governance through civil society partnerships is an important element of Australia’s support, by working with key institutions such as chiefs and churches.

Gender is a core feature of all Australian aid programs in Vanuatu. Recognising that women are particularly disadvantaged in areas of decision-making and economic empowerment, Australia is working with the Vanuatu Government and women’s organisations to support these development priorities.

Australia is working with the Vanuatu Government and other donors to encourage growth in key productive sectors, in particular agriculture and tourism. Future assistance will focus on market development in areas of comparative advantage for Vanuatu. Australian aid will help set up an enabling environment for the private sector through regulatory and state-owned enterprise reform.

The Australian Government is engaging with the Vanuatu Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities and the Public Works Department on a long-term program of sector support in transport infrastructure for 2009–11.

Support for the law and justice sector will continue through police and legal capacity building. Australia will also support initiatives which strengthen national health and education systems, including reducing incidence of malaria and improving the quality of education services.

Land issues are central to almost every aspect of life in Vanuatu, including government and private sector operations. In 2011, a long-term Vanuatu Land Program commenced under the leadership of the Vanuatu Land Governance Committee. Representing a major advance in donor cooperation in Vanuatu, Australian Aid and NZAID have jointly engaged a single managing contractor to implement their respective program designs.

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Last reviewed: 1 November, 2013