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Papua New Guinea


Strongim Gavman Program


The Strongim Gavman Program (Tok Pisin for ‘strengthening’ or ‘empowering’ government) works to strengthen public sector performance and accountability in PNG.

Under this program senior and experienced officials from nine Australian Government agencies are deployed to work in PNG Government agencies for two to three year placements. Australian officials work closely with their counterparts in the areas of economic and public sector governance, border management, transport safety and security and law and justice.

Particular focus is given to improving the core functions of government, including systems for allocating and accounting for government expenditure for essential services such as health, education, access to justice and national transport infrastructure.

The program works closely with other areas of the aid program such as the:


Results to date

  • Supported the PNG Department of Finance to prioritise and increase national budget allocations to health and education.
  • Helped with the introduction of electronic payments for school fees to support the Government of PNG’s Fee Free Education Policy.
  • Improved prosecution of family and sexual violence through mentoring of legal officers and more effective liaison with police and health officials and victim support.
  • Assisting the Department of Justice to improve the quality and timeliness of State legal services, to support the State in strengthening the rule of law and access to justice.
  • Supported efforts of the Office of the Public Prosecutor and the Department of Justice to reduce corruption and money laundering.
  • Assisted PNG to design and legislate for a Sovereign Wealth Fund to improve management of future resource revenues, including from the PNG Liquefied Natural Gas project.
  • Supported PNG Customs to improve cargo handling and security which help to facilitate trade and strengthen economic development.
  • Supported the PNG Accident Investigation Commission’s ability to undertake independent and ‘no blame’ accident investigations.



Current Stage
Started 2009 Implementing Completion 2015



The following documents describe this initiative in more detail*. Documents are uploaded as the initiative progresses. Find out more about the aid management cycle and the documents you can expect to find.

1. Policy & Direction Setting 2. Plan & Design 3. Implementation & Performance Management 4. Review & Evaluation

PNG–Australia Partnership for Development

Joint Review of the Enhanced Cooperation Program

Mid-term review of Strongim Gavman Program

Joint fraud statement between Australia and PNG

Strongim Gavman Program Management Framework

Mid-term review of Strongim Gavman Program—Management response

Papua New Guinea Annual Program Performance Report 2011

Joint Statement 18th PNG–Australia Ministerial Forum

Joint Statement 19th PNG–Australia Ministerial Forum [external link]

Request for tender – Deployee Support Services in PNG


*The Australian aid program is committed to publishing documents and data concerning Australia’s official development assistance in a way that is comprehensive, accessible and current. Our practice is to publish documents once finalised and where appropriate after the partner government and any other partners directly involved in the delivery of the initiative have been consulted. Not all material published on this site is created by the Australian aid program and therefore not all documents reflect our views. In limited circumstances some information may be withheld for reasons including privacy and commercial sensitivity.


Last reviewed: 24 February, 2014