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Public Financial Management Multi-Donor Trust Fund


Australia is helping to strengthen performance, transparency and accountability in public financial management in Nepal. The Public Financial Management-Multi Donor Trust Fund was established in 2011 to support the Government of Nepal in implementing its public financial management strategy. The Fund is managed by the World Bank and funded by Australian Aid, the UK Department for International Development, Norway and Denmark. The European Community will join the Fund in 2012.

The Fund is designed to support a range of activities based on priorities set by the Government of Nepal and partners across the three broad dimensions of public financial management: supply, demand and knowledge.

The Fund will support activities that strengthen public financial management systems and processes (the supply side); strengthen institutions of accountability and civil society to enhance their oversight of public financial management processes and performance (the demand side); and deepen knowledge about current public financial management practices and options for improvement.

The Fund’s activities complement Australia’s contributions to the health and education sectors in Nepal.


heading foldResults to date

The key results expected from activities to be funded through the Public Financial Management-Multi Donor Trust Fund include:

  • improved resource management as a result of strengthened public financial management systems and processes
  • increased awareness and oversight of government public financial management processes by diverse constituencies
  • better knowledge of value-for-money challenges and public financial management governance gaps, contributing to improved design of public financial management interventions at the country and sector level.


Current Stage
Started 2011 Implementing Completion 2016



The following documents describe in more detail the Public Financial Management Multi-Donor Trust Fund initiative*. Documents are uploaded as the initiative progresses. Find out more about the aid management cycle and the documents you can expect to find.

1. Policy & Direction Setting 2. Plan & Design 3. Implementation & Performance Management 4. Review & Evaluation

Nepal - Project Paper on a Proposed Grant from the Multi Donor Trust Fund for Strengthening Public Financial Management [external website]

Nepal Annual Program Performance Report 2011


*The Australian aid program is committed to publishing documents and data concerning Australia’s official development assistance in a way that is comprehensive, accessible and current. Our practice is to publish documents once finalised and where appropriate after the partner government and any other partners directly involved in the delivery of the initiative have been consulted. Not all material published on this site is created by the Australian aid program and therefore not all documents reflect our views. In limited circumstances some information may be withheld for reasons including privacy and commercial sensitivity.

Last reviewed: 1 November, 2013