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Sub-Saharan Africa


Non-government organisations (NGOs) in Sub-Saharan Africa


Australian non-government organisations (NGOs) are valued partners for the Australian aid program.

Australian NGOs have longstanding connections, expertise and experience in Africa and are an important element of Australia’s engagement in development issues on the continent.


  • promote community level engagement and access to basic social services for the poorest members of society
  • build the capacities of civil society more broadly
  • strengthen people to people links.

Australian NGOs are working with communities across the African continent and around a third of all donations made by Australians go to projects in Africa.

Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme

The Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme (AACES) is a partnership program with ten Australian NGOs and their Africa-based partners to implement community-based interventions for poor and marginalised people in Africa in the areas of food security, maternal and child health, water supply and hygiene and sanitation.

AACES is focused in communities in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Mozambique, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe, with particular attention to women, children, people with disability and people vulnerable to disaster.

AACES also comprises activities to improve and enhance good development practices in Africa, inform policy engagement, and increase the Australian public’s understanding of African development challenges and how Australia is responding. AACES is valued at $90 million over five years (2011–2016).

More information on the Australia Africa Community Engagement Scheme

AACES activity location map 

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AACES Non-government organisations (2011-2016)

NGO Sector Description Location
ActionAid Australia Food Security Support farmers to increase sustainable crop yields and build ability to influence government climate change programs. Kenya
Anglican Overseas Aid Maternal and Child Health Improve the health of women and children by expanding their access to basic health services and secure food and water. Ethiopia
AFAP Food Security and Health Support sustainable agriculture, improve women’s and children’s access to health services and provide access to safe water. Malawi
Care Food Security Support women to grow sustainable crops, access financial services and develop strategies to reduce the impact of climate change on livelihoods. Ethiopia
Caritas Australia WASH* and Food Security Provide access to clean water, support poor farmers to increase food production, and protect land and water from climate change impacts. Malawi
Caritas Australia WASH* and Food Security Provide access to clean water, support poor farmers to increase food production, and protect land and water from climate change impacts. Malawi
Marie Stopes International Australia Maternal and Child Health Establish mobile clinics, increase health awareness and support communities to influence the health policies/budgets of governments. Kenya
Oxfam Australia WASH Increase equitable access to sustainable water and sanitation services.   South Africa
Plan Australia Food Security and Maternal and Child Health Promoting Rights and Accountabilities by supporting communities to ensure marginalised women and marginalised young people are able to claim rights and access services. Kenya
WaterAid Australia WASH Increase access to water and sanitation facilities and advocate with local and national to improve access to water and sanitation. Ghana
World Vision Maternal and Child Health Improve the health of pregnant women and the mental and physical development of children under five years of age. Kenya

WASH – Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Australia–Africa Community Grants Scheme

The Australia–Africa Community Grants Scheme (AACGS) is a competitive and flexible funding scheme providing support for community-based activities that promote sustainable economic and social development. Its goal is to contribute to the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Africa at the community level. AACGS provides funding of between $30,000 to $75,000 to community groups engaged in development activities in selected recipient countries.

The AACGS guidelines provide information for NGOs considering applying for funding.

More information on the Australia-Africa Community Grants Scheme

AusAID NGO Cooperation Program

The goal of the AusAID NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP) is to support Australian NGO community development projects that directly and tangibly alleviate poverty in developing countries.

The ANCP has been operating for almost 40 years. In 2012–13, approximately $110 million will be provided to 43 Australian NGOs to deliver projects in more than 50 countries, including in Africa. The ANCP delivers projects across a range of sectors including education, health, water supply and sanitation, civil society and food security.

More information on the ANCP


Last reviewed: 1 November, 2013