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Non-government organisations

Working with non-government organisations

Working with non-government organisations (NGOs) is an integral part of Australian aid priorities.

NGOs are effective in reaching the most marginalised and vulnerable. The Australian Government partners with and funds Australian NGOs to work with communities and vulnerable people in more than 60 countries across Asia, the Pacific, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Australian NGOs bring particular strengths to the aid program. Some have been working in international aid and development for more than 60 years. They mobilise public support and voluntary contributions for aid, and work in areas which are difficult to access such as conflict affected regions. Many also have expertise in working in emergency situations where fast and flexible responses are essential.

Many Australian NGOs receive funding through the Australian NGO Cooperation Program (ANCP). The ANCP supports 44 accredited Australian NGOs to undertake community-based development work, in a range of sectors including governance, human rights and economic development.

Civil Society Engagement Framework

The Civil Society Engagement Framework was developed in consultation with the Australian Council for International Development (ACFID) [external website]. The framework sets out how we will work more effectively with civil society organisations to alleviate poverty.

Read the Civil Society Engagement Framework

What will the framework do?

The Framework provides a sharper focus on: effectiveness, results, sustainability, risk reduction, efficiency and value for money, diversity and innovation. It is designed to harness and strengthen the relationship between government and civil society across the globe as we continue our work in aid and development and achieve the Australian aid program goal of helping people overcome poverty.

It sets out a substantial program of approaches and action, including improving accreditation, developing a way to guide funding to CSOs with the aim of achieving improved efficiency and value for money, launching a civil society portal, implementing a due diligence framework for non-accredited CSOs and learning from NGOs as we increase our engagement with the business community.

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Last reviewed: 1 November, 2013