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Australian Multilateral Assessment (AMA)

Australia works closely with multilateral organisations to extend the reach of Australia's aid program as their large size enables them to undertake programs on a scale beyond the capacity of bilateral donors such as Australia. Over one third of Australia’s aid budget is currently delivered through multilateral organisations, including United Nations agencies, global funds and the multilateral banks.

The Australian Multilateral Assessment (AMA) provides comprehensive evidence of the effectiveness of the Australian aid program’s multilateral partners and their relevance to Australia’s interests.

The AMA was developed in response to the independent review of the Australian aid program in 2011.

The report

The AMA report drew on a range of findings on the effectiveness of Australia’s multilateral partners The AMA includes summary assessments for each of the 42 multilateral organisations assessed. The report concludes with recommendations for an ongoing reporting system to help track multilateral effectiveness.

Supporting the summaries in the report are 42 full assessments that provide a more comprehensive analysis of the performance of individual multilateral organisations.

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Last reviewed: 18 June, 2014